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The debut album from Orlando's hottest rap duo is here! This is going to be the hottest album dropped this year, and with such a limited run, you're going to want to get this quick to be the envy of your friends. Y'all brains ain't ready for this.


released April 20, 2014

All songs produced and arranged by Benjamin Bear
Executive Producer: Satan
Executive Producer: Indiana Delacruz

MC Wreckshin - vocals and demon summoning
Benjamin Bear - vocals and reality manipulation
funky49 - guest vocals on “#rapgamefriendzone”
MICRONDIAMOND - additional production on “#rapgamefriendzone”

Studios and Engineers:
Recorded at Nice...Studios, Winter Park, FL
Engineer: Benjamin Bear
Additional Recording done at funkytown, Tampa, FL
Engineer: Steven Rush
Mixed at Lost Woods Studios, Winter Haven FL
Engineer - Benjamin Bear

Album design and packaging:
Benjamin Bear

1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.
5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.
7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
9. Do not harm little children.
10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.



all rights reserved


PIZZA Orlando, Florida

From the very depths they came, crawling and slithering at first, but eventually sitting upright...and rapping.

Now, Sir-Up, Betty Rebel, and bbear run the afterparty. Y'all ain't ready.

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Track Name: Let's Die In Peace
[passionate evangelizing]
Track Name: Meateor
pull my flesh off by a thread
spread the dagger
invert the pentagram on instagram
#funeral, slash bad tumor holes
moon dust boom thrust in the lunar coals
satan will heal you
he lives in the moon
jesus is easy, he forgives you too soon
doom will take hold
who's side will you be on?
join the pizza cult and drink this dude's freon
we call him father
father will save us
heisenberg haircut
father will shave us
ill like krillin, we can't wait to die again
ressurect lucifer, dudes sure are high again
we fly again
to the moon by meteor
satanic cults where the drug use is seedier
heroin molly crystal meth crack cocaine
asian emo xenophile eats black lo mein

the higher you fly
the further you fall
the shields are broken
you can't steer at all
the closer you get
the hotter you burn
it's time to face it
but you'll never learn

oh i've been meaning to tell you
i was leaving
stuck up in a box with the silent treatment
i sigh discreetly and look beneath me
i spy a planet blue green and leafy
change course and it comes a little closer
i can see vultures circlin exotic cultures
heatin up i'm high explosives
cities like diamonds go dark and lonely
brace for impact
boil the ocean
like and explosion
no emotion, the crust is broken
people in a panic with their wheels in motion
oddly satanic creatures kill the moment
but then i own it
no opponents
i become one with the earth
surround me
break down with the silence shouting

the higher you fly
the further you fall
the shields are broken
you can't steer at all
the closer you get
the hotter you burn
it's time to face it
but you'll never learn
Track Name: #rapgamefriendzone (f./funky49)
bringin all those 10s home
when i'm at the strip club i'm lookin at my cell phone
checkin out facebook
checkin out twitter
they kick me out for takin pics of strippers
taco bell cup on the floor
that's litter
pick it up drink it
i am a winner
baja blast i got that cash
ten dollar bill swag
i'm a money boy
holler at this ill fag
girl i don't want you
get in my friendzone
i'm a ghost that haunts you
yeah get you sent home
go home girl, you are obviously drunk
i just killed my boss and tossed her in the trunk
who you think you are?
you not a boss like me
wendy's cup on the floor
it's a frosty freeze
pick it up and eat it
got that homeless swag
get in my friendzone
yes you know this man


what's up girl?
you my dog
how about we go for a walk?
been to london, never seen france
don't wanna see you in your underpants
victoria's drawers, keep it secret
pull your pants up, i don't wanna see it
i wanna get you
all hot and bothered
kiss your forehead
like i'm your father
got daddy issues, i'll grab you a tissue
if you left i wouldn't really miss you
write you a postcard
send it on home
gettin your mail in the friendzone


friendzone swag
never get a touchdown
endzone swag
football gets you rubdowns
ladies love me cuz i always go long
go long
i mean real long
but all them girlies i just put em in the friendzone
swagged out, yellin at me
burger made in fresno
put on my headphones
and i'm like let's go
i can't ruin a friendship
that would be too weird, yo
i know we get along together
and everytime you call me i am just down for whatever
i'm makin good food
and conversation
you like a bro to me
it's all in moderation
i know i'm swagged out
you think i'm beautiful
but you been friendzoned
it is not removable
i know you want me
wish we could be together
but it's not what i want, so just call me tomorrow
we'll talk about the weather

Track Name: Regular Rap Song
i got swag
inside a bag
a versace bag
is that even a thing?
i don't know
and like what is bling?
i thought is was like a myspace thing
i'm a regular rapper
incredibly dapper
i'm just a regular dude
sometimes i'm interested in food
but only when i'm hungry and i'm in the mood

workin out
writing out my mad flow
side door
duckin out
hidin from these assholes
dig a moat
that ain't worth the hassle
downhome rednecks always wanna wrassle
take five
coffee breakin
drinkin from a handstand
do a backflip
shit right into a headband
stand up
walk it out
now you getting nasty
sneakin to the left, don't let anybody pass me

this is a regular rap song
from a couple of regular dudes
it's the kind of song you rap to
when you're in a regular mood

now i'mma ruin this shit right here
all these other mothers tryin to take all year
nine months
that's what you be gettin for a fine lunch
high punch
they don't wanna take it back when i'm done
high strung
that's how i'm living all my life
about to find one
talkin bout a better kind of life
don't get in my zone
cuz i be rappin all up in it
let my tank roll cuz there ain't no limit

i'm a rapper with a sizeable beard
too lazy to shave, i'm enticed by beer
i mainly behave when i match the beat good
my boss gives me documents i fax like i should
i take my lunch break
i come back on time
when i write raps i make sure that they rhyme
when coworkers tell jokes i make sure there's laughter
this rap group is pizza
i'm a regular rapper

this is a regular rap song
from a couple of regular dudes
it's the kind of song you rap to
when you're in a regular mood
Track Name: Demon Money
blow smoke rings grow dope things in my backyard
i go far and back again fact checkin' yeah i swag hard
i cash bar tabs hard mags loaded in my water pistol
check my yacht boat i stock dope and charter crystal
rap game walt white see me reach tall heights
snacks came from amazon got my hands on small mice
i start fights at black friday mall sales events
i cop those diamonds from all the fall zales events
got bees in my teeth i got honey in my tummy
i rap and i shine like a swagged out sunny mummy
money it's made of green paper
when i smoke dope i glow steam vapor
crater in the brain i got holes in my mind
the later that i came i grow and survive


hate speech
baby shoes
i went doctor and clocked the news
out cow tipping in pantaloons
you know how the haters do
stay ancient
demi gods
whole wide world inside my palm
laser beams set off alarms
moving across the pond
when it starts don't linger
i'll take you out
through the floor
around the couch
to the great beyond
without a doubt
the dollars move
in large amounts
off the record
make you famous
never trust a total stranger
angel of death comin after you
going up to the hole in the sky
Track Name: Bathroom Weed Ghost
got a weed ghost
in the bathroom
up in my vidal sassoon
creepin on them dank fumes
ghost of some old stank dude
when i do my thing i thank you
for bringin that ghostly swag
always got this in the bag
makin suckers get out of the way
i'mma say nothin
cuz i got that love
ectoplasm fabulous
smell like magic cannabis
roll up in the place with your ghostly nubs
dead (swag)
restless spirit
you feel it when you're near it
if your dead then let me hear it
jump on through that magic mirror
people wanna do it cuz they say ain't nothin to it
but they always seem to ruin their day
when the time get past and they came in last
and they just can't get away
and you know demons on another plane of knowledge
there's a color outta somethin outside of time
and the space we know is a home for those with a coldness in their mind
it might be comin out of corners with the scent of marijuana
all incarnate with an old ass thing
wake up
scared to death
coming back with a holy gang
but they can't clean up all the water in the river
cuz the part of them that cares is already gone
this latent spirit lingers
it came but it won't pass on

yo I woke up holed up with a big problem today
spirit weed ghost demon schemin modern decay
weed ghost in my bathroom masks you with a dank scent
3am demon ghost get piggy bank bent
he's a crazy fool he's the spirit of roaches
always feeling in my mind behind he approaches
grab your leg in bed tell you he's your mother
so close while you sleep yes he leaves you smothered
and mothered by your weed demon ghost
ouiji board lord satan leaving you to roast
leave you for your eternal hell city
emo swag immersed in your pity
weed ghost demon leaving bruises on your flesh
weed demon in your bed abuses you to death
move away he attaches himself to you
emo swag seen yo dad? lord master he is true
Track Name: Hello Lucifer
i'm bout to get dark
aimin to take this world apart
came with a full team of big demons
evil runnin through my heart
formin a circle hands all bloody
magic time with a pagan honey
staff in hand make the whole world vacant
satan is comin, i'm waitin
lately i be the baddest son
both sides be addin up
draw five sided pentagram
enchant the blood and saddle up
we ridin horses into battle
slay cattle
the man'll try to run you down but you dismantle the shadow
i'm prayin satan brings a torment to these vile offenders
we answer the callin
no stallin
we make the whole world be endin
they be descendin with an army just to slaughter the masses
the demon laughter ever after echoes over the valleys
so rise lucifer
the stars of heaven dark in the sky
and bring with a bonus the oceans bloodied with thousands of lives
he's comin with a vengeance never seen in pages before
the prince of darkness bringing carnage to this darkening shore

oh ho the demons go
up and down the street
oh well the gates of hell
are causing quite a scene
now it’s time to pray to satan
it’s the best time of the day
oh my golly yes it’s time to pray to satan each day

get the summonings ready
dead mummies are heavy
to drag through the yard
dead bodies are sweaty
drippin off (swag)
melted intestines
rippin off (swag)
celtic intentions
impressions of lord satan in our mind
drink goat blood bored
makin our rhyme
we makin the time
for satan everyday
end times the human race
the human race will pay
play games with ghosts in the bathroom
demon ghosts
straight roast in my vacuum
i cast you such a dope satanic force
watch pizza ride in on an old satanic horse
with zombies behind
these brain addicts worse
satan and his minions with magic on course
makin all the millions
pizza emo swag
swipe you cross the face with an old chemo bag

oh ho the demons go
up and down the street
oh well the gates of hell
are causing quite a scene
now it’s time to pray to satan
it’s the best time of the day
oh my golly yes it’s time to pray to satan each day
Track Name: Corpse
plug in strugglin with that dial up connection
the internet hive mind has wildest intentions
impressions of satan left by illuminati
play the prickly piccolo in the tune of kami
mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?
i want to snort pills and fight fight fight
christians, the internet told me to do it
lets rob a bank stash the gold in a buick
glisten, shine that's how i do
satan loves me and loves you too
satan provides me with internet connection
it's reliable like when splinter sent his brethren
heaven is crumbling, god is a mutant
toxic waste has made my dreams lucid
the internet has caused me sleazy involvement
i can order penis pills three easy installments



my dead body rots outside the party
guaranteed to be more fucked up than anybody
time to get started
99% of people are straight retarded
walk into the building and my mind blows up
i collapse on the floor and a guy shows up
and he asks me when exactly i might grow up
i struggle through the question my mind goes, what?
and the one mind pulses in the background
always strapped down
always back down
all day
still try lookin for a cash cow
i was searchin for it couldn't find it
all day chicken in the hen house
and they laying eggs and cluckin loudly
i ain't even comin back now
it's a fact i came in last
i'm fine now


Track Name: #funeral
clouds hovering
sky darkening
hard hearted like clogs in the arteries
more darkness replacing the god in me
fill the void up with drugs and pornography
fuck daylight
i hate brightness
it's a constant reminder of kindness
and the light that's behind all the time spent
back of the mind pushing blindy to write this
nah fuck it
doesn't matter
if i think too long i might shatter
paint the walls with blood and brain matter
climb to the top and jump off the ladder
now above it
just cynical
sun rising light on the windowsill
can't sleep but i know that i'm living still
tryin to rewind in my mind but i never will
chase the stars
future passed us
more to lose
drowning faster
modern life is all smoke and mirrors
we sold ourselves for a chance to feel
and it never happened
now we're stuck
this life is gone and we're out of luck
talking swag
but i don't feel it
dark and cold, that's the real shit
come on back
there's time to kill
this brain reacts when there's pain to feel
so depressed
now we're stressin
i don't want to learn this lesson
backin up
into nothin
hard to say if people bluffin
causin weight
takin passes
i don't give a fuck bout movin past it

stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone.
prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
silence the pianos and with muffled drum
bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

crack my skull open like the dope in a vial sick
paint the words with brain juice
go the extra mile quick
brain fragments came loose
all over the back seat
clean it up with armour all
should have done it last week
too lazy to clean up the filth residing in my life
i want to get high
but it hurts like climbing up a knife
everytime i try i slide down and slice myself
i laugh at my own jokes oh i entice myself
but jokes on me
cause i'm funny like ray romano is
everybody loves raymond cause he's gay and swallows jizz
i model this behavior after savory juice head addicts
you're more ignorant then when slavery was practiced
crave me some can-bis
home grown outlandish
i can't understand you like speaking in spanish
i'm famished
but not like a hungry emcee
i'm just stoned and want some funions and cheese

let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
scribbling in the sky the message he is dead,
put crêpe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.
he was my north, my south, my east and west,
my working week and my sunday rest
my noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
i thought that love would last forever, i was wrong.
Track Name: Burial
[incoherent mumbling about death]